Build Your Snack Table: The Ultimate Startup Content Kit 🍿

Build Your Snack Table: The Ultimate Startup Content Kit 🍿

It’s 2022, and every successful brand has an audience that's engaged and involved. But in a bottomless pit of social media noise, bombarding your users with information about your product is just not enough.

So what do you do?

You need to give them ideas to engage with. Through Snacks.

What's a Snack Table?

Snacks” are bites of engagement for your audience. The Snack Table is your bank of content; the means through which you engage your audience.

“Snacking gives you something to do, a reason to be hanging out”, says Noelle Flowers, a community builder at Commsor. If your brand is the party, the “snacks” are the content that allows for engagement. And it’s through engaged audiences that strong communities are built.

Why does my startup need snacks?

Your audience needs a reason to be lured in, and more importantly, to stay: to become active users of your product. But brands continue to invade their audience’s screens with unimportant, salesy information.

As a brand, you need to meet different people where they’re at on their journey. Whether a passive lurker, an avid user, or an evangelist: they all require a strong foundation of who and what you are.

Your snack table is that foundation. Quick nibbles, larger platters, and big bites all ensure your audience is well fed; informed, active and engaged.

Hot Snacks

Enough of analogy. What does this actually mean? What are some must-have snacks?

Intro to your Brand

Brand Film

The piece of content that allows potential users to connect with the ethos of your brand. Here’s where you can talk about your biggest motivations, large-scale vision and driving purpose.

Here’s a film we made for Lancify:

Product Video

This 90-second weapon is what you carry wherever you go - trade shows, investor meetings, social media handles, your website and so on. This is your pitch, and it includes everything you do in the most digestible and appealing manner. The examples are endless here, but these are some of our favourites: Framer, Figma, Slack, to name a few.

Here’s a video we made for Netcore:

How To’s

Video Explainer Series

An informed audience is an engaged audience. It goes without saying that in order to be active users of your product or service, they need to thoroughly understand it.

The deeper the consumer goes, the more likely they are to talk about it.

Here’s an explainer series we designed for Tyke:

Blogs & Articles

Informing your audience needn’t always take place only through audio-visual mediums: you could back these up with blogs and newsletters. Creating written content sprinkled with references and additional readings not just adds credibility to what you’re doing, it also gives enthusiasts more to sink their teeth into. Whether it’s weekly updates or monthly deep-dive blog posts, written content can go a long way in your user’s understanding of your product.

Engagement Bites


Over the last few years, brands have leveraged the rise of the podcast learner. They've tapped into a certain kind of audience, one that does not remain on the surface and looks to dig deeper. You see this in podcasts like Smallcase Shorts, Shopify Masters, The Ken's Unofficial Sources and so on.

Social Media Content

We’re sure we don’t need to mention the importance of good social media content for people to engage with.


While blogs and articles are great to provide insight and deep understanding to your audience, they can be overwhelming. Newsletters are the antidote do that, and should be made an important part of your outbound marketing strategy. Not only can they help with brand recall, they also give your enthusiastic users updated with what you’re up to.

Snack Stack

Every brand has a unique audience. To understand what it is that your audience needs from you, you need to dig deep. If you’re one of the startups that has built your brand fundamentals, with a rock solid foundation, the Snack Table is for you.

If not, we’ll get you there soon enough. Take a look at our Minimum Viable Series - including Brand, Design and Community - you can spend the least amount of time, effort, and resources to build the foundation of your company.


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